Vivienne Turner : Found

16 - 28 October

My latest collection of foraged woven wall panels using elements of nature.

The sculptured pieces have evolved from Found natural and man made fibres. Gathered within the river Dart's impressive woodlands and Strete Gates' diverse coastline at Slapton Sands.

Seascapes incorporate tangled fishing line, discarded shells, dried seaweed and seed heads from the vast array of wild flowers, which inhabit the shingle beach.

I hope my work encourages you to look more closely into the heart of nature and appreciate its full beauty.

PETER BLAKESLEY: Top of the World
31st July – 2 September

Art is in us all; we just have to develop it, practice it, and nurture it. As children we all have that capability, but we dont always follow the heart. Art is limitless, and this is perhaps why I continue to experiment with mediums, and not restrict myself to one type, or style, of painting. Light and suggestion have superseded realism in my paintings, and I continually strive to achieve this, and to reflect the natural beauty of the countryside


ALAN JONES: Eclectic Paintings 17-23 July 2023

Formerly, as an art teacher, my focus was on helping others to develop their skills and to find their joy in painting.  Over two decades living in the South Hams, I have benefited from the support of some excellent teachers and have rediscovered and revelled - and at times, struggled -  in the joy of my own creativity. ‘Eclectic Paintings’ represents the freedom I enjoy to paint what I like, when I like, at my own pace.  As a person with dyslexia, painting allows me to express myself with freedom, two fingers raised to the judgements erroneously made of my ability in my early life.

I have previously shown my work here at The Flavel, at Birdwood House in Totnes and at Harbour House in Kingsbridge.

I am donating 30% of any takings from this exhibition to the PKD Charity (, a cause close to my heart as my husband has Polycystic Kidney Disease.


JOINT EXHIBITION - Monday 22 May to Saturday 3 June

David Bagott : 'Memories of Dartmouth'

Fred Goodwin : ‘Wartime Sketches’


David Bagott : 'Memories of Dartmouth'

David Bagott studied art and design at Birmingham College of Art, and fine art at London Central College of Art.

He moved to Dartmouth in 1997, and in 2020 he joined the Dartmouth Art Society where he started to explore painting in watercolours.

In this exhibition you can enjoy scenes of Dartmouth, as well as other subjects, painted in David's unique style.


Fred Goodwin : ‘Wartime Sketches’

Alongside Bagott’s work are the sketches of Fred Goodwin who was a friend of Bagott’s father.

Fred trained as a commercial artist in Manchester and moved to Birmingham in 1937. He later joined the RAF and was part of the 605 fighter squadron.

This exhibition showcases the many drawings and paintings that Fred made throughout his wartime experiences, including his time as a prisoner of war in Japan.

An illustrated book, ‘Fred’s War’, accompanies the exhibition and is available to purchase, with Fred’s dramatic works preserved in print.  


Artist Printmaker

8 - 21 May

Working with contrast Helen has a background in architecture and landscape/garden design and is based in Brixham having relocated from north London.

Helen draws inspiration from nature, the sea and urban spaces, exploring the sharp contrast between the two - from Brutalist architecture (like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!) to scenes of the fishing industry and the beautiful landscape of Devon.

Her work is an eclectic mix of processes and prints from acid etching and aquatints on steel or zinc plate to wood engraving and linocuts; the subject matter often dictates the process.

All prints are unique and for sale /commission work undertaken.

insta: helenallen_printmaker_gardener


3rd - 15th April

2-week colour exhibition of 30+ illustrations & story snippets from ‘The Story of Marmalade the Mouse & His Jammy Adventure’. Hardback, watercolour-illustrated book set on The River Dart by local author Lucy Magicmaker.

FEATURING, mini black & white exhibition entitled ‘You make it happen! You make your wish come true!’ The story of Lucy’s journey to become writer, illustrator & self-publisher of hardback children’s books. Suitable for 3-92 year olds.

MEET THE AUTHOR: informal drop-in, book signing, drawing, story telling, chat: Fri 7 Apr 10am-1pm & Fri 14 Apr 10am-1pm

Tony Hyson – Options

17th April - 6th May

The works in this exhibition show a mixture of visual and conceptual imagery; for example from “Road End Farm” or “Great Hill Wood” to “The Ring Master”. Conceptual drawing/painting is that which relies on memory and not visual or preconceived images. This approach opens up a whole new range of interesting possibilities which I enjoy pursuing.

Donna Francesca

6th March - 1st April

U3A Art Group
From 9 January 2023

Celebrating our Joy of Art

A varied selection of mature students who aim to pursue, or revitalise, a love of painting and drawing. We explore various media and subject matter allowing each individual to develop their own strengths.