Why volunteer at the Flavel?

Being part of The Flavel Family of Friends
An annual or bi-annual party

Hot drinks from the Café when on duty for a subsidised rate
10% discount on food from the Café when on duty

Soft drink when on duty

Karen, one of our new volunteers writes about a day-in-the-life of being an Auditorium Steward

"For most people who know The Flavel well, they will know that it opened in February 2005. I have been coming to Dartmouth for holidays for the last 30 years, however The Flavel for one reason or another was never on my radar until I moved to Dartmouth 3 years ago and started becoming a regular moviegoer.

I enjoyed my visits to The Flavel so much that I started volunteering as an Auditorium Steward in October 2021. In comparison to a lot of volunteers I am a newbie, however I already feel very much part of The Flavel family and look forward to my volunteering sessions.

Each month I receive a rota and put my name forward for any matinee or evening performances I am able to cover. These will include films, live comedy evenings, live music and sporting events.

Tonight I am stewarding for the latest Comedy Network which is a live show comprising of 3 comedy acts. I walk into the warm reception area and I am greeted with a big smile and a thank you for coming in. I sign into the daily diary and collect my name badge and torch. I catch up with the box office volunteers and any staff that may be around and collect the audience list and check the auditorium to ensure it is clean and tidy. Tonight is quite busy as the Comedy shows are popular. As visitors arrive I ensure they know they can purchase drinks and refreshments at the bar and that they can take them into the auditorium.

There is a really good atmosphere and everyone is looking forward to the show starting. I stand at the entrance to the auditorium and check visitors in. When the show is due to start I close the doors and take a seat and should visitors need to leave the auditorium during the performance, I shine my trusty torch on the floor so they can see where they are going. After the film, I open the doors and I have lots of laughs discussing the show. I sign out, leave my trusty torch and ID and go home with a big smile on my face."

If you want to make friends, be part of a fantastic team, see some great shows, watch the latest films and help support a vital arts centre in Dartmouth, then The Flavel is for you.

Each day there can be up to 15 volunteers at work, carrying out a diverse range of duties. At The Flavel we always welcome new volunteers; there are roles to suit everyone from stewarding at our live events to being part of our DIY team.

The time you give as a volunteer is based on your other commitments, so if you can only do a few hours a month that is fine. If you can offer more than that, then great!

As a volunteer you will meet new friends, learn new skills, help a local charity, and see some great shows, meet performers and the watch the latest films.

How can you say no to that?

Our volunteer opportunities include:

If you are interested in volunteering at The Flavel, please download a volunteer application form here and drop it off at The Flavel, or feel free to email if you have any questions!