Cruella (12A)

The Flavel Auditorium

Thursday 29 Jul 2021, 14:00  - ends at 16:29

The seat booking system will automatically block out 2-seats either side of your booking to maintain the 1-meter safeguarding distance, these seats then change to a light green colour. If you are making a single seat booking, where possible, please refrain from reserving a seat in the middle of a row as we may need to change your seat choice to maximise the safeguarding auditorium booking capacity, which is currently reduced to 64 persons maximum. For group bookings - please can you ensure that you only book people from the same social bubble if you are securing seats next to each other on the same row. Thank you.

Choose Seats (Click the Seating Plan to select each Seat in turn, up to 6 in total)


Child + (U16)£6.20
Adult +£8.50
Conc. (60+) + £8.00