Taiko Drumming - Ages 8-10

  • 50mins

Taiko Drumming is a performing art originating from Japan involving big drums and choreography. It’s great for kids because,

    It’s great fun!

    It encourages teamwork, focus and self-control.

    Confidence and self-expression are developed.

    Taiko is accessible to all, allowing everyone the chance to participate, whatever their musical ability.

Taiko South West have over 20 years’ experience of teaching taiko to children so we can deliver excellent taiko workshops carefully tailored to the age of the participants.

These workshops will be delivered by Lucy. Lucy discovered taiko 11 years ago and before long was hooked. After 2 years of classes, and joining Tano Taiko, Lucy joined as staff (admin) whilst still playing taiko as much as possible. In 2014 Lucy took the leap and began teaching. Contributing to Lucy’s development she has participated in workshops all over the world including North American Taiko Conferences, European events, and in September 2018 was chosen to participate in a ‘Roots of Kodo’ intensive in Japan. Lucy teaches a range of classes, from complete beginners to intense skills & drills for those looking to challenge themselves.

The workshop is 50 minutes.

All Tickets: £10.00